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Finding Advertisers for Your Niche Websites

Many who are interested in Internet niche marketing focus on creating websites which either promote products or services which they sell directly or entice website visitors to click on an advertiserís link. The former is typically considered a commercial website while the latter typically refers to a pay per click website where the website owner profits when the users click on the advertisersí links. In this article we will examine both types of websites and will discuss options for finding advertisers for each type.

Finding Advertisers for a Commercial Website

As previously mentioned a commercial website is one in which the website offers products or services for sale directly. In this scenario those who operate the website are generally profiting through the sale of products or services. However, this is not the only possibility for revenue. Savvy Internet marketers realize the opportunity for placing advertising on their website. The marketer may still profit from sales through their website but may also profit through these advertisements as well.

One obvious possibility for profit is through sale of advertisement space on the website. In this case the advertiser may pay the website owner a monthly fee to run a particular advertisement for a set period of time. Here the website owner collects their fees in exchange for displaying the advertisement and the profit is not linked to sales generated for the advertiser.

The key to finding advertisers for a commercial website is to select another website which complements your products and services without directly competing for your business. For example a website which sells surfboards and surfing lessons may solicit advertisements from companies who sell bathing suits. This is a symbiotic relationship because the owner of the surfboard website receives the advertising dollars and the owner of the bathing suit website receives the potential for increased website traffic.

When searching for an advertiser it is wise to be prepared to provide them with useful information. Information which will be particularly relevant to potential advertisers is current search engine rankings and recent traffic statistics. This is important because the advertiser wants to know the potential for increased traffic to his website. An advertiser is much more likely to invest in advertising on a top ranking website with high traffic than on a poor ranking website with few monthly visitors.

Finding Advertisers for a Pay per Click Website

Generally speaking, pay per click websites are informational websites which provide content and information relative to the advertisers on the website in an attempt to entice visitors to click on the advertiserís links. Pay per click campaigns may also run on commercial websites but when this is the case they are considered to be a secondary form of profit.

Finding advertisers for pay per click websites is often a simple process. This process is usually simplified by the fact that the advertiser is not paying the website owner for just placing the ad on the website. The advertiser pays the website owner when visitors click through the link to his website. This lowers the risk for the advertiser by ensuring he is only paying for visitors who actually enter his website.

There are many free programs available, where relevant advertisements are served to websites. Google AdSense is one example of this type of program. In this program, websites are evaluated for content and relevant advertisements are placed on the website each time it is viewed. Some of these advertisements may pay per impression meaning the website owner generates revenue each time the advertisement is displayed but the majority of these advertisements are pay per click meaning the revenue is generated when a user clicks on these links.

There are also other programs available which operate essentially as link exchanges. These programs will require you to display a certain number of advertisements on your website in exchange for each website which displays an advertisement for your website. These programs are very convenient because you donít have to search for advertisers but the downside is you may not have much control over the advertisements which are placed on your website.

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