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Kevin Polley
At: Mutual Advantage.
Tuesday 06:07 AM

Dear Friend,

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, don't worry, you're not alone. There are literally thousands of people out there, people just like you, that own web sites or newsletters who face the same problems every day.

You've probably thought or hoped "There has to a solution to this problem. Something that I can use to make the whole writing process not only easy and fast but also fun." Well, you're right, there is!

You are about to learn how to make the whole process simpler, quicker and how to avoid all of the pitfalls that many publishers face.

But first you need to know why...

Most People Who Own Websites Don't Have A Clue When It Comes To Writing Article Content or Profitable E-Mail Copy. Let Alone Getting It Delivered To Their Readers!

We both know that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of web site owners out there that hope to make enough money to be profitable every month using the power of e-mail.

The sad truth is that the number of people "intending to profit with e-mail" versus the number of people "actually profiting with e-mail" is pretty sad.

You'll find that about 1 out of every 10 site owners hoping to make a profit with e-mail are actually doing so. What's even more disturbing is that only about 1 in 100 site owners are actually making the profits they intend to on their promotions.

I'm sure that you'll agree those are pretty discouraging numbers but don't worry because you are going to learn how to become that 1 in 100 today.

When it comes to articles, you'll find that about 1 in 30 articles ever produces enough traffic to actually generates any kind of profit at the authors site.

One of the reasons that these site owners don't succeed in their e-mail promotions and article writing efforts is because they just don't have the "know how" when it comes to writing e-mails or articles that induce readers to make purchases or clicks.

Another is that they aren't aware of the pitfalls that foil some publishers before they even start.

Yet even more publishers fall short on things like auto responders, personalization, setting up a regular mailing schedule and they don't profit as a result.

I know, you're probably thinking...

writing ad copy, emails and articles for profit"What Makes An E-Mail Or Article Produce Product Sales, Service Sales Or Clicks To My Site?"

There is obviously a huge difference between an e-mail or article that produces sales or clicks to your sites, versus one that doesn't.

The first and biggest one, is the fact that the author has huge amounts of training in writing, journalism or advertorial writing.

None of us have loads of time to spend learning journalistic writing so what I'm going to share with you doesn't require that :)

The second thing that makes a successful article or e-mail promotion is the fact that the author knows exactly what his or her subscribers want.

There's nothing left to question and no "I hope I make a sale" when they put an article or e-mail together because they already know that they are going to make money or generate traffic.

How do you find out, with almost psychic precision, what your subscribers or article readers want from you?

That's something that I'm going to reveal to you in more detail right here in a few minutes.

The third thing that gets you more sales, clicks or traffic is the effective use of personalization, auto responders and regular mailings.

Thanks to the information in your book I was finally able to make money from the small list that I had built up.

After reading your book in an evening, with your excellent tips, I was able to write an e-mail that tripled the best response of any of my previous e-mails the very next day.

I now turn in a healthy profit with every e-mail I send out and thanks to your article strategies my list building is improving too.

What ever way I look at it I'm so much better off now.

Thank you so much Kev,

Paul Williams, Horsforth, Leeds, UK

Is It REALLY Possible For Me To Write So Well That I Can Generate The Response Of A Well Seasoned Copywriter Or Article Author ...
and Get My Messages Delivered & Read?

I wanted to make sure the answer to this question was address right from the beginning. The answer is...There is no doubt what so ever that you can write at the level of "professional" ... without all of the training and YOU CAN get your e-mails delivered and responded to.

By using the secret tricks that I'm going to share with you for producing riveting, sales inducing copy and intriguing articles, you will learn how to churn out quality content without all of the education and better yet, you will avoid all the pitfalls that most publishers face!

Let's be frank for a minute. I'm not promising to teach you a masters degree in Journalism in just an evening, that would be insane but what I can promise you is this...

You will learn the same shortcuts, tricks and secrets I personally use to create sales generating and profitable copy ... without all of the laborious studying of writing techniques! From then on, it's simply a case of doing what you learn (i.e. putting it in to practice) and watching the sales you've wanted or dreamt of roll in :)

Which brings me to the outlet for all of these secrets...

The breakthrough new manual Now You Can Write Mega Profitable E-Mails & Articles Just Like The Pros will teach you the insider secrets to writing for cash, profits, traffic and ... lets's not forget the ever essential ... development of your status as an expert in your chosen business area!

You will also discover

  • The Common Mistakes Most People Make In Their E-Mails - Here you are going to learn exactly what makes an e-mail promotion or article flop and how you can avoid these pitfalls forever!
  • How To Induce Sales With Cleverly Written Text - You are going to learn how to use the secrets of persuasion to your total advantage and how to persuade anyone to part with their cash to buy your product.
  • How To Write Captivating Content - This section will teach you how to write content that engages your reader 100% almost like hypnosis and also how to turn that interest in your article to interest in your product!

Hi Kev,

Just a quick note to say thanks for putting this info together. I was a bit skeptical and hesitant at first but I'm so glad I took the gamble and got your guide.

It's nice and simple to read, easy to understand and most important of all, 3 weeks later, I am getting a steady stream of 70-80 new visitors a day to my web site - from my first two articles. That might not sound like lots but that equates to about one or two sales a day that I wasn't getting before.

Thanks again,

Tom Whitmann, Houston, TX

You will also learn the secrets of:

  • How To Write At Turbo Speed - In a hurry or just don't want to spend loads of time writing? You're going to learn how to write at record speeds and the best part is, the quality will be of extremely high quality!
  • The Relationship Factor -There's no doubt, you need to create relationships with people in order to sell to them. Here you will learn the insider tactics to creating strong relationships with people using the power of e-mail!
  • Response Boosters! - Is your article or e-mail promotion just not doing as well as you'd hoped? Never fear! You are going to learn how you can increase the response of any article or e-mail with just a few fast, simple tweaks!
  • Autoresponders, HTML & Personalization - This is where you will learn how to use some of the "tools of the trade" in non-conventional ways for extreme profits, higher response and automatic sales follow-up.
  • The Secret Formula For Your Mailing Schedule - Here you are going to learn the precise formula that you need to use to create the strongest, most profitable relationships with your subscribers by staying in their mind!

I'm sure that I don't need to say a whole lot for you to realize the extreme value in the Now You Can Write Mega Profitable E-Mails & Articles Just Like The Pros manual.

It's jam packed with all of the insider information you need to "go around" the big time learning curve & roadblock when it comes to using e-mail and articles to create profits for your business.

With this simple to follow manual, you can inject the power of a top copywriter or journalist into your business and reap the financial rewards over and over again.

This information has never been released to the public but you being at this page right now is definitely going to have it's privileges for you because you can be among the first to get a hold of this powerful and proven information.

So what exactly is included here?

In short... you will get 10 chapters of pure, rock solid, tried and tested copy writing strategies that will help you suck the cash from the tightest of wallets. And you'll get the MP3 Audio version as well.

(if you want to skip reading what each chapter contains and get to the nitty gritty - click here)

Chapter 1
» The Importance Of Powerful E-Mail Communication
» Is E-Mail Marketing Right For You?
» How E-Mail Affects Online Business Revenue
» It’s Not All About The “Big Boys”

Chapter 2
» Common Mistakes You Should Avoid
» Top 10 E-Mail Marketing Mistakes To Avoid
» Top Ten Reasons Why e-mail Bounces

Chapter 3
» The Power Of Persuasion
» What Are You Selling?
» Anatomy Of An E-mail Message
» Headline (Subject)
» Effective Headline Types
» Benefit Headlines
» Problem Headlines
» Question Headlines
» Guarantee Headlines
» Offer Headlines
» Message Body
» Anatomy of A Call To Action

Chapter 4
» How To Write Captivating Articles That Are Quality Content
» Writing Articles For Your e-mail Campaign
» Article SEO Tools
» Determining Keyword Supply And Demand
» Before You Send Your Article Out
» Proofreading Checklist

Chapter 5
» Create Trust, Relationships & Friends
» Bedroom Marketing Tips
» Eight Sure-Fire Tips for Building Trust

Chapter 6
» How to Write an E-Mail Advertisement
» The Science of Writing An e-mail Advertisement
» How To Write A Headline
» The 3 Responsibilities Of A Headline
» 9 Tips For More Powerful Headlines

Chapter 7
» Increasing E-Mail Advertising Response
» Top Three Ways To Measure e-mail Effectiveness
» How To Measure e-mail Response
» E-mail Response Metrics
» 5 e-mail Marketing Metrics
» Tips For Reducing Blocked e-mail
» How To Avoid SPAM Filter False Positives

Chapter 8
» How To Create An Effective Mailing Schedule
» Determining Frequency
» The Best Days To Send Your Mail

Chapter 9
» HTML E-Mails Or Plain Text
» Text-based E-mail Advertisements
» Benefits of Text-based E-mail
» The Cons Of HTML Might Outweigh The Pros
» If You Still Want To Use HTML
» Tips For Designing HTML E-mail

Chapter 10
» Using Autoresponders & Personalization
» Using Autoresponders For Consistent Follow-Up
» Why Autoresponders Work
» Getting The Most Out Of Your Autoresponder
» Proof That Personalization Works
» How To Achieve Personalization
» Delivering E-Courses Via Autoresponder

And don't forget you get the audio version in MP3 format as well

Here's a short sample just so you can hear the quality.

So This Manual Has To Be Ridiculously Expensive Right?


Sure, I could offer this as a tele-coaching class or a series of video seminars and teach people all of these proven insider secrets, tips and strategies over the course of a few weeks, as I had originally planned to do. If I did that, there is no doubt I could charge well over $500 for it, maybe even a thousand dollars, but I just don't have the time to do that right now.

So my being in a time crunch is really something that you can fully use to your advantage because I'm going to offer all of this information to you via instant download.

Since I have no fulfillment cost and I don't have to spend loads of my time coaching,
you are entitled to a huge price break

If you act today you can get access to the entire 'Now You Can Write Mega Profitable E-Mails & Articles Just Like The Pros' manual (with the free MP3 audio version) for a one time payment of just $37.

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I'm sure that you'll agree that's not only fair but it's just a down right bargain for the high quality, extremely profitable information you are now getting access to. And don't forget ... because you are getting the MP3 audio version as well, you can even listen and learn these essential profitable writing strategies while you are driving or walking ... anywhere.

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But that's not all.

I love over delivering and I want you to be 100% happy, so I'm going to add a succulent, juicy cherry & whipped cream to the top of an already irresistible offer, (Note: if you hate cherries or are allergic to dairy products - I'm sorry but just understand that these bonuses will help you get more benefits & bigger profits from your writing). You are going to get the following three bonuses absolutely free (If you take action now)...

BONUS 1: Ghostwriters From The Inside Out

ghostwriting manual

I don't want to scare you...

...but ghostwriters do exist. No, they're not the usual "spirits" you may think of when you hear the word "ghost." But they are the secret weapon of many top marketers profit-exploding arsenal.

Ghostwriters are writers who sit in the shadows and let YOU take credit for the work THEY do for you. Athletes and celebrities often use them to write "autobiographies" and the like...

The secret is out! Ghostwriters take on the writing tasks of successful Internet Marketers so they can spend more time marketing! This guide normally sells for around $47. You are about to get it with Now You Can Write Mega Profitable E-Mails & Articles Just Like The Pros


write sales letters guide

BONUS 2: High Response Sales Letters in 25 Minutes

It's the perfect support guide for Now You Can Write Mega Profitable E-Mails & Articles Just Like The Pros - Learn To Write High Response Sales Letters In Just 25 Minutes & 6 Quick And Easy Steps That Work Every Single Time - Even If You've Never Written One Before will give you a significant edge over your competitors. It has additional tips that really will make it even simpler for you to start profiting from your creative writing. I've seen this available for between $27 and even $97. You get it free.

PLUS ... My Secured Guarantee To You..

Listen, if you don't agree that this it the most useful manual for writing awesome copy that you've ever used, simply email me and I'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot.. No hard feelings and no questions asked. In fact, I'll extend this guarantee for an entire 60 days after you get everything!

That's right, you get 60 whole days to use and profit from these incredible strategies, if you do not feel "Now You Can Write Mega Profitable E-Mails & Articles Just Like The Pros" has earned you at least 50 times what I am asking you to pay for it today, (or even gives the potential to make the kind of cash you want) then ask for and you will get an immediate refund. My payment processor insists on it and they will refund you if I don't - you can not lose!

And ... if you decide to opt for a refund I still want you to keep the bonuses as my free gift just for giving this a shot. Click on the button below now.

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And remember ... There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. All I ask is that you download my manual - read it - try to apply what you learn and basically give it a fair try.

I am that sure - that when you see how powerful a money maker this guide is, you will not even think of wanting a refund because you will want to refer to it time and time again - and you will also get the regular updates, bonuses and tips I give to all of my loyal customers every month!

It's Time That You Started Raking In The Profits And Traffic That You Deserve With Your E-Mail Promotions & Articles!

For just $37 bucks you get access to everything above. That's less than the cost of a half decent meal for two ... but it could earn you thousands.

This could and should be labeled as one of the best deals of the year for the simple fact that you are getting so much immediately profitable information that you can use right away in your business.

The Now You Can Write Mega Profitable E-Mails & Articles Just Like The Pros manual could provide you the turning point in your business or that "bump" to take you to the next level and earn the income you've always dreamed of!

All the best,

signed - Kevin Polley

Kevin Polley

P.S. The truth is...

You Really Can’t Afford To let “Now You Can Write Mega Profitable E-Mails & Articles Just Like The Pros” pass you by.
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OK. If you are reading this far down the page it suggests a couple of things.

1. You can't see the bargain you are being given here and let's face it. It is a bargain. I mean you are getting The main manual, the MP3 version of it so you can listen and learn. The two bonuses worth another $54 minimum and the fact that there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The other things it suggests are that you want something for nothing or I've priced it way too low and you don't think it's worthless information. If I've priced it too low - buy it and then send me an email gloating :) - Trust me - I will soon put the price up.

If you want something for nothing the only thing I can offer is a five day mini course on writing profitable copy. It goes without saying it's not as comprehensive as the manual, but it may help get you started on the right track. Just before you fill in the form below to get the course let me just say this ... The best information and services all cost something so buy the guide - If you don't do it now, the price may well be higher in a day or two!

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